About Us

The Black Staff and Faculty Caucus’ motto “People Building People” is about you and me, collectively making a difference.  It is an important strategic alliance comprised of staff and faculty for the benefit of our future… and that of our students.

Did you know that the Caucus fought for and won recognition of Martin Luther King day on campus and presents a special celebration of the holiday each year? Well we do and each year we strive to make a difference in bringing awareness to all about Dr. King and his vision.

The Caucus needs your support to build programs that foster a sense of unity among our people; promoting self sufficiency and support with the African Americans in the Trojan Family. By investing in the Caucus you invest in USC’s students and assist them in becoming leaders of tomorrow. Joining the Caucus your financial contribution is matched by the University two to one. Nothing can match the feeling you get, knowing that you are investing in yourself, students and the idea of “People Building People.”

The purpose of the University of Southern California Black Staff and Faculty Caucus/BSFC:

  • To accomplish a positive working relationship between the University’s Black staff, faculty and students.
  • To assure constructive institutional change as it relates to Black staff and faculty development.
  • To develop expertise in the area of affirmative action as it relates to hiring, retention and promotion of Black staff and faculty.
  • To contribute toward the development of harmony and good will among and between the diverse elements and groups within the University.